The Impact of Illegal Immigration in Texas

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Healthcare Costs

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Lost Jobs?

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Pros and Cons of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration’s impact on the state of Texas can be calculated in many different ways. Some say that Immigrants who’ve come to America illegally, despite their legal status, can prove to be beneficial to the state. Others claim that illegal immigrants cost the state considerable sums of money for welfare, healthcare, and housing in jails and prisons for illegal aliens who commit crimes; therefore, the impact of this type of immigration may be a net negative for Texas and its natural-born or naturalized citizens.

Impact on the Economy

Proponents of illegal immigration say that, regardless of their legal status, illegal immigrants are typically a boon to the local economy because they purchase goods and services and contribute their work to the community. The opponents of illegal immigration say that illegal immigrants use up more government resources than they contribute back into society and the overall system. They say that statistics and economic data prove that illegal immigration is having a negative impact on the state overall.

The Issue of Taxes

One of the ways the state of Texas is able to help its citizens is through the collection of taxes, thus allowing them to distribute needed services across the state. Proponents of illegal immigration say that illegal immigrants contribute a needed source of tax revenue for the state through income and sales taxes and other fees . Opponents say that illegal immigrants must commit fraud by using fake Id’s and social security numbers to get jobs, or work under the table, pay no taxes, and collect government assistance.

The Impact on the Texas Court System

Illegal immigration may harm Texas’s court system, due to the increase in time, attention, and financial resources devoted to prosecuting immigrants who have arrived illegally or have committed crimes while in the U.S. These crimes cost taxpayers huge sums of money to process, not to mention the harm caused to Texas’s citizens. Keep in mind that some illegal immigrants may have a path to staying in the U.S. legally. These immigrants should seek advice and counsel from an expert like a Dallas immigration lawyer to review their situation.

What’s the Final Verdict on Illegal Immigration?

Throughout Texas, people have felt the impact of illegal immigration. Some of that impact has been positive in some areas of the state. However, much of the impact has been negative, as seen through the eyes of taxpayers, the court system, and citizens who have been personally harmed by an illegal immigrant or illegal immigration as a whole.